Dream Walking​

Dream Walking

The currents of the universe carry me back from dream space (other dimensional spaces and worlds I work in as my body rests in sleep on planet earth). Drawn back to this beautiful blue planet, I move back towards my body experiencing the energy of my consciousness simultaneously wrapping itself around my human body – pausing for that last drawn out moment – (ahhhhhh) to feel the sensation of my nights journey taking a slow long breath drawing the energy of my consciousness back into my body as I focus on my feet, anchoring myself and saying hello to my earth body. I feel my earth body’s joy at my return and its expansion making space to welcome me in.


Curiosity about how what I did as I was working in the cosmos on my past nights travels are premonitions of the coming day…..


Hair a tangled mess my body wrapped in the warm comfy content energy from bed, not yet ready to leave that space, I wrap myself in my green fuzzy blanket. 


I pad into the kitchen easing into the ritual of making my morning cup, phone and note-book in hand, ready to savor the last moments before the busy day starts. Allowing the carpet beneath my feet and the warmth radiating from my cup to anchor me even deeper into this body, time, and place. Cup in hand, now ready to explore the day’s energies through the Mayan Calendar, I sit pulling my knees in, fresh page flipped open, and favorite pen in hand. Ready to discover the connections between the energies for today held by the Mayan Calendar and my previous nights journey.


Oh, Hi there – how was your night? What would you like in your morning cup?


Oh, are you curious about how the Mayan Energies will affect your day?

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