Event – Cosmic Immersion: Atlantis Rising


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Date: Sept 11th -14th

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Are you an evolutionary leader, teacher, wayshower here to have a big impact on elevating the consciousness of planet earth?

Have you been supporting others on their journeys and altering the course of their lives?

Do you ever feel like you need to hide your humanness and your messiness for the sake of your business and for others to fully trust you and your work? Afterall, you are a beacon of light.

Consciousness is at a precipice and many leaders are being called forward. We are being called together to heal the core wounds that are holding us back from collectively rising.

Together we can move from duality and into harmonistic living.

It’s time to heal the mind and heart of creation so we can weave the way across the rainbow bridge.

This will be a cosmic convergence to activate Atlantis Rising within.

Are you ready?


Atlantis was more than just a place; it was an era that expanded throughout the cosmos. It was a time in cosmic history.What happened during that time was a shift out of unity and into separation consciousness.This is the same shift that we see perpetuated today through greed, violence, and war.


Atlantis Rising is a journey in moving beyond polarity and into harmonistic living, through the healing and reintegration of pre-fall Atlantian consciousness and the activation of ancient Omni Codes of Light.


During this 3 day intensive, we will return to Atlantis several times to discover who we were and what it was like while holding space for Chiron consciousness, the wounded healer within us and the all of creation.You will learn how to eliminate the false thought forms that perpetuate limited consciousness programming, allowing access to even more expanded aspects of your beingness.


We will go on a journey through time to heal these wounds that have been around for thousands of years. By healing these core collective wounds, you will liberate yourself and carry forth the tools to assist humanity in activating their dormant superpowers. You will also amplify your Clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) and increase resource flow for yourself and those closest to you.


We will work with the Atlantian Ascended Masters of sacred geometry that helped to build the constructs of creation.


Learn the codes of sacred omnipresence: the codes that encompass the whole of creation.Learn how to communicate with the elements of water, earth, air, fire and co-create with the consciousness all around.Learn how to step into the sacred home within your body.Connect with wayshowers from around the world in a space where individual uniqueness is fully celebrated.There will be sound soul activations, guided journeys through Atalntian time, sharing of sacred prophecy, and high-level teachings.Come to be healed, activated, and born into the fullness of your cosmic radiance.



  • Eliminating perpetrator/ victim consciousness from your life
  • Going “beyond abundance”  by becoming the source of all of your abundance and truly aligning with the universal flow
  • Consciously and intentionally co-creating with the cosmic all/ all that is
  • Embodiment and working with the consciousness of your body
  • Stepping beyond the games we were taught and into new consciousness
  • High level Discernment
  • Connecting with your Atlantian companion
  • Sacred Communication
  • Increased Consciousness on Value: Connection, Communication, Identity and Flow
  • Tools and techniques  to get through different times of shifting


Who Is This For? 

  • Healers, intuitives, energy workers, and the undercover angels working behind the scenes
  • Evolutionary wayshowers, thinkers, visionaries, and thought leaders
  • Spiritual mentors, guides, medicine carriers
  • Lightworkers, and Stewards of the earth


Who Is This Not For? 

  • Those who want to learn superpowers for their personal gain only

Presented By:
 Sephirah Starsong and Lizzie Loch
Sephirah Starsong –


After a Near Death Experience, Sephirah walked back in as a higher aspect of self, with full awareness of how to operate as a multidimensional being carrying through her Delphic gifts and skills as a master teacher. She works diligently to develop cutting edge training and educational opportunities designed to powerfully raise the skill level and professional status of Energetic Practitioners and those gifted in the subtle Spiritual sciences.

Lizzie Loch –

Lizzie Loch is a powerful teacher, guide, and oracle blessed with highly advanced intuitive abilities. She specializes in unlocking creativity, healing trauma, and aligning individuals to their soul purpose. After having her eyesight permanently healed by an energy healer, Lizzie began a healing journey traveling the world and learning from many masters: indigenous shamans, reiki practitioners, crystal healers, Indian Gurus. With a deep compassion for the human experience, Lizzie sees you.

Sacred Teachers: 

Marie Mbouni

From Medical Doctor to Entheogen Shaman, Dr. Marie Mbouni offers her wisdom and guidance as a Clarity Coach. Marie is the Founder of Reclaim Your Soul Power and has worked one on one with some of the top thought leaders of our time. Marie offers transformational journeys for evolutionary leaders, changemakers, and visionaries wanting to step into their greatness, creativity, magnetic power, and purpose so that they can lead from a place of heart-centeredness and deep intuition.

Abi Levine

As a product of foster care, Abi has been through everything a person possibly can. Violence, abuse, rape, homelessness and extreme poverty. She was a single mom for 7 years, and struggled to find herself and her happiness. She’s studied hypnotherapy, Nero-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Therapy and Reiki. Through her own healing journey, she found that the techniques available were so transformational, that she started a private practice so people can finally have access to the ever-elusive peace they crave.


Heidi has been led by her intuition, dreams, and visions since she was a child. When she was about 11 years old, she started communicating with angels, having dreams that would foretell her life’s journey. She has also had many dreams that have foretold future events. 

She desires to help connect people more deeply to that which is within them. Some call her River, The Rainbow Bridge, Spotted Eagle, and some call her the White Butterfly. She stands before you not to be seen, but to have all step forward into their own place of light and divine connection.


Kristen Earl

Overcoming sexual, emotional, financial abuse, Kristen has been inside the depths of her own shadow self. She wants to show people that there are healthy ways to use these experiences as stepping stones into re-discovering their Wholeness. She teaches body- based techniques for clearing trauma and for emotional regulation. She helps people cultivate self-awareness while finding connections between mind-body.

*Please Note: the ticket cost does not include travel lodging or food.


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